Picking the perfect home takes time and seems quite scary at first. Every van has its own features some of them may be a lifesaver on the road some may be dealbreakers. There’s a lot of different sizes, shapes and features you can choose from.

We read a lot of articles about different options and here is a list that we considered before buying our VW T3 – LittleWagen.

1. Volkswagen T3 (T25)

We chose 1988 Volkswagen T3 just because we like the old-school vibes. But going old comes with a number of potential problems. These old vans will need a lot of attention and care to keep them running. Picking up old busses like VW T2 or T3 is not for the faint hearted, and I do not advise it unless you know how to keep those ladies running. But they are damn cute, and the whole feel of the van makes adventures feel more authentic. No power steering, wobbly shifter, leaks and squeks, just pure nostalgia and raw emotions.

The bad thing about T3 is that its horribly slow, friendly speed for them is usually around 85km/h BUT the best thing about the T3 is that it is horribly slow. You just have to take your time and live in the moment. Old VW busses are definitely a noticeable and eye catching so you get a lot of looks and meet new people on your journey.

So in our perspective the VW T3 is perfect van for campervan conversion.


2. Mercedes Sprinter

The next best or probably actually the best conversion vehicle has to be the Mercedes Sprinter. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are the go-to vehicle for many. They have very durable engines and framework for camper conversion. If you’re looking for van that is still reliable even when you get into hundreds-of-thousands-of-kilometres, then a Sprinter is the van you would want to convert.

3. Other Volkswagen busses

Transporters are ideal vehicles for conversion as they’re solid, reliable and they hold their value very well. They are small enough to act as an everyday car so you can leave the campsite and head into towns and villages to explore and park anywhere you want.

Another option is the VW Crafter, like the Sprinter they are mostly a commercial vehicles for transporting goods. So they are spacious, plus its amazing build quality from a trustworthy manufacturer, make it a top pick for van travellers everywhere in the world.

4. Ford Transit

I think in Europe this may be the most popular choice of all the vans. They are super cheap and all the part are handy to find and also cheap and simple. There are also very spacious to live in and they come with different options, with windows, long version, panel van etc.

Its a good choice for the van-lifers who don’t have a massive budget, but want a quality van to get them going.

5. Old Chevy

Best for summer trips on harsh roads. If you don’t care about gas prices or you don’t plan on takeing long trips then one of the best choice is old Chevy Vans. They have everything ready. You have swivel seats, beds and tables already inside.


Last word

You don’t need an actual van to live van life! Truck campers, sedans, camper trailers, old ambulances, box trucks, sailboats, even bicycles – people are hitting the road and living nomadic lifestyles in all types of rigs.

One option is to try renting a van for a short trip. This can be a great way to get a feel for the vehicle and get dimensions and some ideas for your build.

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