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1988 VW T3 Caravelle

Our LittleWagen was born in 1988. I started looking for camper van few months before Covid-19 made the stupid worldtour. 9 months later I finally found LittleWagen. She is a bit rusty and need a lots of work but old Volkswagen busses that are in good condition are really hard to find these days.

Volkswagen T3 Caravelle

Engine: 1.6 L (1588 cc) (51 kW / 70 PS / 69 bhp) (Serial #JX) Turbocharged I4. (We are swaping our engine to 1.9 AAZ at the moment! More about that soon!)

Transmission: 4 speed manual

Dimensions: Lenght 4,569 mm (179.9 in) and Width 1,844 mm (72.6 in)

We chose our VW T3 because it’s truly the most iconic van in the vanlife community. I have had old classic cars before and there’s a certain romance to work with a pre-computer engine, learning it inside-out and having the ability to add new innovations to your car. If you’re on a budget, don’t want to deal with a lot of mechanical issues, or really want to customize your van’s interior and functionality as a living space, there are much better options.


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We will be documenting all our build details in Instagram Story Highlights @littlewagen and will be posting more about the build here.

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"Life is a beautiful ride"
.. if you build it beautiful!

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